The site is an open wiki platform to create courses that help learn foreign languages (English and others, see the list) and not only them. You can create courses on any topic: Driving rules, school subjects, cooking, design, etc. Courses can be created by the authors and are available for a fee. Free courses are built by all site visitors. For a course you can specify a set of modules and exercises inside; put the cost of each unit and the price for whole course.

Also the are free services to help learn foreign languages: creating a list of new words for the study based on the analysis of text, sound recording these words and create mp3 files with their translation to listen, check spelling of a word and its translation, the study of irregular verbs and grammar, testing and participation in competitions on vocabulary knowledge, media content (online TV, radio and movies), useful articles about learning languages.

The site is in continuous development, stay tuned for new features to our Twitter: