1. The site did not work! What can I do?!
    Try to force reload the page (usually a combination of Ctrl + R or F5). Use the web browser Internet Explorer 6 and higher. This is a basic browser, which is developing the site. You need JavaScript enabled. Also better disable paging caching (especially true for the browser Opera). Also, we support these browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 3.1, Opera 9.50 and Google Chrome

  2. Why should I register on your site? Suddenly, you steal my personal data and will use them in their spivvery?
    Enslavement of planet Earth are not yet included in our plans!
    Register on the website provides many advantages. You can add words known to you in a personal dictionary, then that site is not included in their list for consideration. Also, soon to be made "personalization", ie configuring the appearance, functions, under you - remembering options mp3/txt creating files, downloading the last viewed TV / radio channels, the option "remember me" (autologin) and many others. etc. Sign up here! He said our system analyst and nervously laughed (Mua-ha-ha!), Stroking a cat breed "Egyptian Sphinx".

  3. I suppose that a useful resource, but I do not know how to use. Typing the text, noted the unfamiliar word, he gave them to the list separately, but the transfer is not made, not sounded, and, in general, is unclear where they keep. I press "to the dictionary" - a nonsense. WTF?
    You have to do so:
    1. On the page /Analysis download the txt-file with English words (for example, the text subtitle for movie that you want to see)
    2. Mark unfamiliar words - if you are logged in, the site highlight some familiar words as if you had already added them to your personal vocabulary on site
    3. The button "Update vocabulary" - adds selected words which you know to your vocabulary and according removes from the dictionary unfamiliar words. If you are not registered on the site, do not press this button.
    4. Click "Process words"
    5. Go to page /Process, the site will add all the marked unfamiliar words in the top panel
    6. Click "Process" - the words with translation added to the bottom panel (then you can change options - sorting, word order, etc.)
    7. Click "Create text" - and get a text from the bottom panel (with words and their translations) in a separate txt file
    8. or click "Create sound" - and get a list of sounded words (mp3-file) - now it only works for words that sounded by native speaker

    PS: if you put the mouse on any control (button, panel, etc.), then tooltip appears with explanatory text
    PPS: you can start with clause N5 (ie, download the text directly to the page /Process),but this page is still worse analyzes words, for example, does not determine phraseologisms (for details, see /News)

  4. Loading a *.doc file from MSWord, but in page to learn new words I have abracadabra instead simple text. Help, please!
    Now, site is working with text files (*. txt) in which the words in a (UTF-8) encoding. So, the simplest solution in your case - you have to copy the entire text from Word file and save it in a text file (for example, through the Notepad program). And further, download this text file to the site.

  5. On page word processing (/Process) very thin text fields to display text (Opera browser). What should I do?
    Try to change the font size on the page (for example, drastically reduce it). Usually, this requires using a combination of keys: Ctrl + / -, or when you press Ctrl turn the mouse wheel.

  6. Why such a low level of security on site? When creating account password is entered only once and in an open form, an email is not a mandatory field, etc.
    Any password can be stolen and unauthorized use of email (eg spam). This level of security given for the convenience of users. Just do not enter the data of value to you (or that could be used against you in court :-)

  7. Why should I analyze or process text?
    In order to create a list of unfamiliar words (in txt and mp3 formats), to learn them and understand what is said in the original text.

  8. What is difference between analysis of the text and process of the text?
    Process text page - the basic page. With the help it you can process text and create a set of unfamiliar words to study in text and audio formats with a large number of additional options.
    Analysis text page - the page for the "fast" markings in the text of unfamiliar and familiar words (by one click), and update the personal dictionary, based on this layout. More unfamiliar words can be processed separately.

  9. Why should I add words to personal dictionary?
    The more in your dictionary of words, the fewer unfamiliar words, you will receive when processing text.

  10. How to get a list of words in audio format mp3, if some words are not sounded?
    You can use one of the programs, designed for sounding text. If you have sounded the dictionary of words and you do not mind to use it on your site, you can contact us to discuss details of cooperation.

  11. During the check of words knowledge should I fill words in both language (English and English)?
    No, it is enough to recall the words of only one form.

  12. Why should I unload my vocabulary to a separate text file?
    In order to make a backup copy of your dictionary if you want to move it to another account or service / program.
    PS: We promise that you will not be despised for it :-)