For free courses authors all for free. Similar to Wikipedia - all is created by community members is free.

The paid courses authors have the opportunity to host the content and earn money. The offer (what percentage of the payment withheld the site) is discussed individually. It is assumed the following scheme:
1. placing course materials on hosting: 1.5 russian rubles / MB / month
2. author receives 90% of the received payment for his course
3. author receives 80% of the ads cost are placed on the pages of his course

After the creation of a course it is editable / viewable only to the author (authorized user site). The course is only visible to him before passing moderated by the administrator. After a successful moderation, the course is available to all users of the website. If author changes the logo or description of the course, then before these data are moderated by site administrators, all users will see the "old" logo and a description of the course. This is done in order to avoid the appearance of improper materials in the course list on the home page.

At the moment, the following types of exercises are available to add into modules:
1. Exercise "Text". Ordinal text for the study.
2. Exercise "Text response". It allows user to send a text as an answer to exercise for checking to site administration / creator of the course.
3. Exercise "Choice". The user selects a right answer from the given list. The answers can be text or image.
4. Exercise "Choices inside text". User selects answers in predetermined positions in text.
When you create an exercise you must enter the text in this format:
Question [option 1/option 2 /*option 3]
The correct answer is marked with an asterisk (*). The quotes [...] are the place for questions.
5. Exercise "Gaps in the text". In the specified places in the text the user enters answers into the text fields.
When you create an exercise, you must enter the text in this format:
Question [reply].
In quotes [...] indicates the correct answer.

... and the list of exercise types will be grown! At the moment we scheduled at least 6 new types of exercises yet. Track our developing progress in Twitter: